Power Performance: Round Robin for FDIS IEC 61400 12-1 Ed. 2

Calculation of Uncertainty for Lidar Application

Date: Round Robin August-December 2016. Final workshop: 14 December 2016

Venue: University of Strathclyde, Royal College Building, Room 2.15, Glasgow, Scotland

Immediately preceding the General Meeting 2016

Round Robin and Workshop leader: Luke Simmons, DNV GL



The main objective of the Task 32 is to identify and to mitigate barriers to the use of the lidar technology in wind energy applications such as site assessment, power performance, loads & control, and complex flow. For lidar-based power performance, both Task 32 and the Power Curve Working Group (PCWG) have identified the application of the uncertainty guidelines from the upcoming Ed. 2 of IEC 61400-12-1 for power performance measurements as a potential barrier. A round robin was organized in order to engage participants and evaluate the uncertainty methods for different wind speed configurations. The main idea of this workshop was then to bring experts together to discuss
  1. How was working with the guidelines during the Round Robin?
  2. What is currently done with respect to uncertainties?
  3. How can we continue to collaborate?
The second phase of the round robin results were presented at the workshop and a discussion followed. It was decided that another round was needed to simplify the exercise and reduce variation in the results. This next and final round will be completed in February of 2017 and a white paper will follow. In the final session, based on the results of the round robin and input from the second session, it was decided that Task 32 will focus on reducing uncertainty and also enabling nacelle lidars in the application of lidar for power performance measurements.

Public Documents

  • Invitation (pdf)
  • Minutes (pdf)

Internal Documents

This section with the presentations from the workshop is password protected. The password will be send out to all task participants. If you missed the email, please contact us.


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