DTU 2019 Remote Sensing Summer School

June 24- 28, 2019

Provided by: DTU Wind Energy

Venue: DTU Riso Campus near Roskilde, Denmark

From https://www.vindenergi.dtu.dk/english/education/phd/phd-summer-school/remote-sensing-for-wind-energy

This 5-day summer school will focus on advances in remote sensing techniques useful in wind energy. The themes to be covered are development, instrument configuration, signal processing, data analysis and applications of various remote sensing instruments including LIDAR, SODAR and SAR both ground- and satellite-based instruments. Applied use includes wind resource mapping, wind profiling, power curve, wind loads, turbulence, and wind turbine control. Theoretical aspects of scattering and atmospheric boundary-layer characteristics relevant in remote sensing for wind energy will also be covered.

Practical experiments will demonstrate remote sensing methodologies, and advantages and limitations will be discussed.

See www.vindenergi.dtu.dk for more details.