Operating Agents

As with all IEA Tasks, the management of the Task is carried out by Operating Agents. Task 32 is managed by the Chair of Wind Energy (SWE) at the University of Stuttgart in cooperation with the Wind Energy Technology institute (WETI) of the University of Applied Sciences of Flensburg. More information about Task 32's management structure can be found here.

SWE is responsible for most administrative activities within the Task and is the point of contact of the Task to the IEA Wind Executive Committee (ExCo). SWE is also the first point of contact for Task members.

For general enquiries please get in touch with us through ieawind.task32@ifb.uni-stuttgart.de.

If you have specific questions, please contact the relevant Operating Agent using the details below.

Operating Agent's Representative: Dr. Andrew Clifton

Responsible for:

  • Task membership
  • Task administration
  • Event planning and management
  • Reporting to IEA Wind

Email: clifton@ifb.uni-stuttgart.de

Phone: +49 711 685-68325

Address: University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart Wind Energy, Institute of Aircraft Design, Allmandring 5b, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany

Operating Agent's Representative: Prof. Dr. David Schlipf

Responsible for:

  • German-language communications and reporting
  • Event management

Email: david.schlipf@hs-flensburg.de


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