Additionally to the general meetings to be held annually, dedicated workshops with a tangible outcome will be organized to focus on specific barriers of the lidar technology in each of the four applications. Further, a group of experts supports the Operating Agent (OA) in regular Advisory Board meetings.

General Meetings

  • 2 or 3 day meeting at the end of each year hosted by the OA at a suitable location.
  • Time and events for networking will be provided.
  • Short presentations and posters including reporting from the workshops, work done related to the task, and general presentations
  • Discussion about new workshop topics for the following year of the task.


  • 2 to 3 day workshops each year, one for all of the four application areas.
  • Workshops will focus on a specific topic related to the objectives.
  • Workshops will be organized and hosted by a Workshop Leader (WL) with a very strong interest in the workshop subject, together with the OA. Where possible, workshops will link work done by the participants in other projects
  • Workshops will be scheduled around conferences such as EWEA, AWEA or attached to meetings from relevant working groups such as IEA Tasks, IEC 61400-12.
  • Workshop goals will be agreed by the WL and OA but in general should be impactful. A general guidance is for the workshop to establish the state of the art in a particular topic / application, identify the barriers to adoption of lidar for that application, work out if those are real, and suggest a path forward to get through them.
  • Results will have some tangible outcome, for example workshop reports, webinars or a suggestion of a working group. Drafting of the report will start at the workshop and should be finished as soon as possible after the workshop. The outcome will be branded by the host, with participants as coauthors.
  • Workshops should represent spread of the lidar community, i.e. by preference they should include academics, developers, consultants, lidar manufacturers, as well as turbine manufacturers. If attendees feel the barriers are significant and warrant more work, Task 32 might convene a focused working group for this topic.

Advisory Board Meetings

  • Conference calls in preparation of general meetings to plan time, place and content.
  • After each general meeting (face-to-face) to decide on workshops topics based on the feedback from the general meeting and refining the communication and strategy.
  • A tentative meeting agenda will be prepared in advance of every meeting and will be distributed to the Advisory Board well before the meetings by the Operating Agent.
  • The meetings will be documented by approved minutes of the meeting.