1. Introduction (OA, 2 min, I)
2. Workshop Planning 2017
a) #1 WRA in complex terrain (Andy, Ines)
b) #12 Elaboration of use cases for wake measurements (Andy, David)
c) #9 Best practices for certification with Lidar-Assisted Control (Eric, David)
d) #3 Power performance measurement using nacelle lidars (Rozenn)
(all, 30 min, D)
3. Status of RP on floating lidar (Ines, 5 min, I)
4. Short Feedback from the ExCo Meeting (OA, 5 min, I)
5. Round Table (all, 10 min, D)

I: Information D: Discussion A: Action OA: Operating Agent AB: Advisory Board


  1. Minutes (pdf)